As AndCAD grows to become a more robust application, it is nice to watch the changes as it grows. Below are a list of those changes that have been submitted since it's initial release in 2010.

09.26.2016 - Update (v 1.9.0)

Administrative Changes
  • Application returned to Talon-Designs.
  • Rebranding of application to reflect business update.
  • Application modified to suit Android Studio 2.0.
New Features / Enhancements
  • "Long Press" tools (with options) differentiated with a "RED" stripe.
  • Tooltip added to reflect "Long Press" enabled tools.

Date Unknown - Update (v 1.8.5)

  • Licensing method changed to check yearly (Still FREE to current users).

02.09.2011 - Update (v 1.8)

New Features / Enhancements
  • Dimensioning: Linear & aligned dimensioning added.
  • Direct Input: Available for modify & create commands
  • Miscellaneous error reports researched and fixed.

10.23.2010 - Update (v 1.7.5)

Interface Changes / Enhancements
  • Large device optimization - Tablets
  • Landscape & Full Screen support
New Features / Enhancements
  • "Quick Tips" on application launch.
  • Drawing Recovery: Attempts to save drawing on force close.
  • Help information moved to separate application to keep file size manageable.
  • Miscellaneous error reports researched and fixed.

09.01.2010 - Update (v 1.7)

  • Implemented Google® licensing feature. Allows for user license renewal.
New Features / Enhancements
  • Modify: Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Break.
  • Create: Polygon, Polystar, Polyline, Point Object
  • Changed painter tool method to be more consistant with new features
  • Selection tool supports multiple objects
  • DXF Import error - Fixed

07.28.2010 - Update (v 1.6.1)

  • Install to SD functionality for Android 2.2+
File System
  • File size limitations fixed - Now dependent on system ability
  • File extensions fixed - Used to be case sensitive
  • Image import size limitation fixed - Now dependent on system ability
  • Loading screen caused crash loop - Fixed
  • Snap & Grid settings crashed on "NULL" value - Fixed
  • Startup settings for default layer set - crashed on Simple & Empty - Fixed
New Features / Enhancements
  • Pointer Offset option - Allows current pointer location to be set to a different location than actual touch area.
  • 0,0 location on drawing now displayable
DXF Import Improvements
  • Now supports import of Linetypes, Layers, Colors, Polylines, PolyArcs & Single Line Text Elements

06.30.2010 - Major Update (v 1.5)

  • Modified the application to support Android 1.6+
  • Pinch-zoom function supported for Android 2.0+
  • New tab system to support added functions and future expansion
  • Standard menu & Options page changed to common Android theme
  • Tooltips have been removed for a more common Help system
Files / Camera
  • Save, Open, Import & Export operations now feature a simple file browser for SD cards
  • File format changed to help compress files. Old format still supported for open command.
  • Camera Snapshot function has been removed
  • New Import Image function allows you to import any image available on your SD card
Object Changes
  • Drawing commands changed to provide more control over beginning points of objects and to support future plans
  • Drawing commands now display object properties in status bar while drawing such as length, radius, width, height, etc
  • Rectangle object behaves as a polyline allowing you to move each vertex individually while modifying. Drawing operation still draws a rectangle.
  • New circle command allows you to draw a circle by defining the diameter. Center-Radius circle is still available.
Drawing Scale / Measurements
  • Drawing scale command added allowing you to specify a known measurement to set the drawing scale
  • New measurement command allows you to measure any two points based on the drawing scale that is set
  • Exporting a DXF will apply the appropriate drawing scale so it opens in desktop applications at the appropriate scale
  • Grid will adjust based on the drawing scale that is set
Snaps / Drawing Modes
  • New snapping options added including intersection, perpendicular, tangent, nearest
  • Isometric drawing constraints added. Currently only applies to line object.
  • Ortho, Ortho 45 and Iso modes can be used together or independently of each other

05.26.2010 - Update (v 1.2)

  • Fixed a force close error when attempting to open a file that was created using the simple layer set
  • Fixed a force close error caused by opening the camera preview on some devices

05.19.2010 - Update (v 1.1)

New Features / Enhancements
  • Error logging capabilities added

04.16.2010(v 1.0)

  • Initial public release