Upcoming Feature List

This is a list of ideas that we have been working on or thinking about implementing into future releases of AndCAD. This list is in no way complete, and may change from time to time.

We have also spent time reading through comments and reviews, and added those to the list as well.

We appreciate the interest that you have in our application. We realize that we may not fully realize the uses that you may want to be able to have. Keeping in mind, the direction of the application, we would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what you might like to see.

Please feel free to use the contact link above to submit your idea to us. We may not be able to implement all of the ideas submitted, but your help will assist us in determining what your intentions are with this application.

Current List of Ideas:

  • Selections
    • Filter Lists
    • Select by fence or object line (crossing)
  • Snaps
    • Polar
    • Isometric grid
  • Modify
    • Trim
    • Extend
    • Offset
    • Fillet / Chamfer
  • Print / Save
    • PDF Option
    • JPEG, PNG Output
    • Auto save
    • Send file to (email, etc.)
  • Dimensions
    • Angular
    • Radial / Diameter
    • Options for arrow styles
  • Create
    • Groups of objects
    • Blocks
    • Multiline
  • Interface
    • Undo / Redo options (All, quantity, etc.)
    • Coordinates options using input panel
    • Grid style: Isometric
    • Grid color options
    • Interface icon color options
    • Menu location options
    • "Quick Access" toolbar